Growing Roots

The meaning comes from the quote: 

"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay."  ~Dalai Lama


An Idea

My little sister was expecting. When I visited her nursery I saw an empty bookshelf. This empty bookshelf gave me the idea to start Growing Roots. What does a new mother need? What parenting advice can I give? What will help new parents provide a healthy foundation for their child?

...books, all natural products, and clever parenting tricks! This is what I wish I had when I became a new mom. Each month I am putting together a curated box for new families! What I hope is that it will help provide parents with a monthly dose of inspiration, from our family to yours! 

My Story

I am a mother of two, a teacher and certified high school counselor for over a decade. My experiences with children and parents has taught me that strong family bonds are essential to children becoming independent and capable adults. 

It’s the bonds that we have with our family that provide us with the confidence to stand on our own.

That’s why I created the Growing Roots box, a monthly subscription box dedicated to establishing and nurturing a family’s social and emotional development.  

With a Masters in counseling and endless hours of research, courses, and books, I’ve picked up important techniques that has made parenting a lot easier. My goal is to help families grow roots and a foundation for their children so they will someday have wings to fly. 



Our subscription box is more than a box of products delivered to parent’s door each month, it is a gift that empowers parents and caregivers to support and nurture their child’s emotional well-being as well as their own. 

Each box is carefully curated around a connection or bonding theme, whether it is a tradition, a holiday or a developmental milestone. Each box includes a research-based idea or strategy, supported by products that enable the parents to put the strategy into action. We believe that Growing Roots is an opportunity to create connections and a tool for building happy, healthy families. 


Our belief in the power of connection doesn’t stop at our product. It is also lived through our actions. We strive to source our products from small shops and donate a book to a child with every purchase. In addition, we stay connected to our community of families by providing advice and ideas through social media.