Growing Roots

The meaning comes from the quote: 

"Give the ones you love wings to fly, roots to come back, and reasons to stay."  ~Dalai Lama


An Idea

My little sister was expecting. When I visited her nursery I saw an empty bookshelf. This empty bookshelf gave me the idea to start Growing Roots. What does a new mother need? What parenting advice can I give? What will help new parents provide a healthy foundation for their child?

...books, all natural products, and clever parenting tricks! This is what I wish I had when I became a new mom. Each month I am putting together a curated box for new families! What I hope is that it will help provide parents with a monthly dose of inspiration, from our family to yours! 

My Story

I am a mom of 2 children and a former high school counselor & teacher. Working more than a decade with teenagers gave me a glimpse into the end of childhood. Many insights became evident from their stories. What I learned, by working with teenagers and their parents, was that building a foundation early was vital.

With a Masters in counseling and endless hours of research, courses, and books, I’ve picked up important techniques that has made parenting a lot easier. For me, the adjustment to motherhood was difficult. Balancing a career, marriage, and everything else became challenging. Now I am confident in what I have learned and am curating a monthly care package so that I can help other families with the early years of parenting. My goal is to help families grow roots and a foundation for their children so they will someday have wings to fly. 


A Wonderful Surprise

One of the wonderful surprises I found when starting this business are the many talented moms creating quality, artisan products! I love supporting them and their growing families. One amazing mom expecting baby #2 wrote, " I will be with new bub soon, I will be out of action for a couple of weeks, but can still look into this and if it seems feasible, we can work towards something that will suit." 


I believe in empowering families to spend more time together and in the benefits of early literacy. This is why I purchase quality artisan-crafted products from other families and give back through donating books to children in need.